Top 5 Chicago German Restaurants

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There is no such thing as typical German cuisine, because German food varies from one region to another. But no matter where you are, German dishes are all prepared with delicacy and these restaurants listed on this article all do a good job in keeping the standard.

Chicago Brauhaus (

4732 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago 60625
Btwn W Lawrence & W Leland Ave

Beer, entertainment and food. What else would you want? You can rest assured that you will find your favorite pint of German imported beer. The entertainment is different every night. Sometimes there is a folk band and other times it ranges from rock and roll to polka. The best thing is that it is not too loud so you can still hear what the person next to you is talking about. The prices could not be better. The average price for an entree is 16 USD and the most expensive dish is Geschmorte Schweine Haxen which costs around 19 USD but it is also one of those dishes that is worth a try. It is basically a braised pork shank with sauerkraut and potato dumplings. But you can always go for the famous German sausages which are all 6.95USD. This restaurant is recommended to everyone who loves a lively crowd. The service is very attentive and always there to please their customers.

Glunz Bavarian Haus (

4128 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago 60618
At W Warner Ave

This restaurant will make you feel as if you are in Germany. This restaurant is suitable whether you want to take your lover or organize a party. Your favorite imported beer will not go missing here either and it is a little bit cheaper than other places. The prices could not be any better. For $35 (approx) you can have a meal that includes an appetizer, salad, soup, sausage combo and dessert. But if you order an entree, the salad and soup are included and the highest priced entree is the Beef Stroganoff which goes for $23.

Laschet’s Inn (

2119 W Irving Park Rd, Chicago 60618
Btwn N Hoyne & N Hamilton Ave

If you don’t like small restaurants then this might not be for you. But if you like a cozy restaurant that gives you a home feeling then look no further. The food here is authentic home cooked German food and is usually served in small portions. It has a really pleasant atmosphere and it is a great place to take a date to dinner. The prices are also good which continues to add to the reasons of why you should go eat here. If you go to Laschet’s Inn make sure you order schnitzel. The service is good but it could be better.

Lutz Cafe & Pastry Shop (

2458 W Montrose Ave, Chicago 60618
Btwn N Artesian & N Campbell Ave

There was a recent change of owners for this place but the pasteries are still excellent and not to forget to mention their coffee. As soon as you go in you might feel dizzy and confused when you are greeted with such a huge selection of German pastry. Picking up what you want is the most difficult thing in this shop. But that is not all that this restaurant serves. They also have cold and hot buffet, omelettes and crepes. One thing that you shouldn’t miss here is their delicious ice cream made with imported alcohol. It is a pleasure experience that will not hurt your budget.

Mirabell Restaurant & Lounge (

3454 W Addison St, Chicago 60618
Btwn N Bernard St & N St Louis Ave

Germany goes to Chicago. This restaurant has a great and authentic German feel to it. It is so real that you will think that you will see a Glockenspiel when you get out. The beer is very well priced and comes in big glasses and the food includes daily specials and everyday it is different, so the best thing to do is go online and look at what is available on that day. With around $40 you can have a three course meal and a reasonable amount of beer. If you like Hummel collections when it comes to decorations then you will not be disappointed either. The service is very good and they are usually attentive all the time.


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