Creative uses for Vodka: Kills bugs, cleanse hair, and not just for drinking

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Place some vodka into a spray bottle. This will come in handy when you need to clean up puke stains or cat urine stains. First you will spray the area with the vodka let it sit for about ten minutes or so. Then take an old toothbrush start scrubbing out the stain. Once you have scrubbed it out blot it dry with paper towels then let it air dry. Repeat if necessary, but usually the first time will take out those stains like magic.

Being a beautician I have learned that vodka is actually a great hair cleanser. You can actually pour some vodka into your regular shampoo. What actually does this do? It cleanses your scalp, removes all hair residue or buildup from sprays, gels, dust etc. Just make sure you pour about three swigs of vodka into your shampoo bottle. Then make sure you shake it really good. Shampoo your hair like you normally do, but leave the shampoo on your hair for about five minutes then rinse out with cool water. For more


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