Wednesday, December 13

Pet Behavior Verses Human Behavior

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All human beings who are well balanced individuals have had to learn self control in order to understand their lessons from their lives. Pet behavior should be thought of in the same way.

Animals, like people, should never feel forced to do things they feel uncomfortable doing, Pets become fearful just like people do. Think about how children act if parents overprotect them and never let them grow up. Comforting children or pets during a stressful situation should be done carefully and with love.

Love is tough and need direction. Pets and people are no different when it comes to learning and responding to life’s lessons. Give both of God’s creatures the best chances possible to grow up well balanced and happy.

Guide children, teen, adults and even pets towards a better life that is filled with many possibilities without uncontrollable fears. Fears should be taught as part of life, not as something to be buried underneath a rug.

Adults who have children or pets should teach them both about courage and survival. This is indeed what life is all about. Individuals and pets of all ages will go through many challenges and some will be heartbreaking. If caregivers of children, teen, or pets give them too much comfort during fearful or stressful times, more troubles will follow.  For instance, if a dog is afraid of thunderstorms, babying your dog only validates the fear of the storm and does nothing to calm him.   

Love comes with many responsibilities. The most important responsibility is to teach our loving children and pets how to defend for themselves. Always love them but let loved ones know that they are in control of their lives. They are the ones who will carry on when something happens to their caregivers one day.

The first link is one that will have all parents and pet owners realizing that their children or pet behavior can be changed for the better if the right techniques are uses consistently.

Parents and caregivers can learn how to teach their children not to act our aggressively towards them. There are techniques that have been proven to help kids who have behavior problems. The second link had some great information on this subject with proven results. behavior modification&OVKEY=behavior modification&OVMTC=advanced&OVADID=56203330022&OVKWID=50349148522&OVCAMPGID=1619666022&OVADGRPID=2894287410&OVNDID


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