Tips for Saving Money on Clothing

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710599moneyunderthemouse18_Thumb.jpg Try shopping on e-bay. You can get some great deals on clothing there, both brand name and non brand name. And here’s a little secret. When searching for a specific item, such as a designer brand item like “Tommy Hilfiger”, try misspelling it  like “Tommy Hillfigure”, “Tommy Hilfigire”, or “Tommy Hilfigur”. Often times a seller will misspell items or names, so that it doesn’t appear in the correct searches, and therefore will get less bids or none at all if no one can find it. Their mistake is your gain.

1128414forsale_Thumb.jpg Shop on discount websites like These websites can offer great deals usually at 10% up to 80% off the original price.

1098657tagiconset_Thumb.jpg Search for coupons online or subscribe to the store flyers. A lot of times with bigger department stores you can sign up to get emails sent to you with coupons and notifications of discounts and sales events in the store.

913326seasonssale2_Thumb.jpg Keep an eye out for sales. Usually around holidays they have some sort of sale in celebration of that holiday. Weekends are also popular for one day or two day sales.

656139stackeddenimjeans16_Thumb.jpg Shop at thrift stores. If you have the patience to dig through racks of clothing you will be rewarded with some great, cheap finds.

1012329jeans_Thumb.jpg Shop at brick and mortar discount stores like TJ Maxx, Ross, and Marshalls. A lot of those stores have the same styles and brand names as the big department stores at a fraction of the cost.

922363sock_Thumb.jpg Spend less on less important items. Such as socks, underwear, and accessories. Buy your socks and underwear in bulk at Walmart to save a few extra bucks.

810065womanfashionbikini_Thumb.jpg Shop for out of season items. There are major sales on bathingsuits and summer clothes at the end of the summer and during the wintertime. Same goes for outerwear and coats in the summer time.


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