Thursday, December 14

Problem With The New Computer or Laptop: The Error Touchpad

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Is there any problem with the keyboard? monitor? or what? until it drives you thinking how come a new computer or laptop can find such kinds of problem.

Actually, I had ever experienced it. I found my laptop’s touchpad did not work at all. In fact, I had just bought it! Furthermore, I was very clueless with technology, including laptop. This made me shocked and did not know what had to do.

At that time I was blank and could not make up my mind why this problem occured. What appeared in my mind was, I had to bring my laptop to the store where I bought it from so that my laptop would be repaired and the touchpad could be functioned as it was. Yet, the problem was the store was very far away from my home and I was still a stranger in my city. Moreover, to be repaired needed time, in fact I could not live without laptop even a single second. That is why, I still hoped that my laptop’s touchpad would be alright before I sent it to the store.

Suddenly—I did not know whether it was a miracle—I had a feeling to check the software, especially the touchpad setting of my lapotop although as far as I remembered, I never changed the touchpad setting before. Finally, I found that the touchpad notification in my laptop was disabled, in fact it should be enabled. Then, I clicked the ‘enable’ choice and finally my laptop’s touchpad could functioned as it should be.

From this experience, I start to learn that if there is something wrong with our electronic media, specifically computer and laptop, we ought to check the setting first before calling up the technician or before bringing it to the store.


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