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Controlling Your Employees

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Controlling process is the daily task of every manager in this world, event though you are a CEO of an international organization or you are running a small business. When you think about a manager, your mind will link to the words “controlling people”. Every day, when a manager come to his office and sit down his chair, he will start thinking about what he and his employees need to do today.

In basic, the controling process are:

_ Sep up the goal: There are two kind of goal, they are the long term goal and short term goal. The long term goal is setted for ten years, five years or one year. The short term goal is setted for six months, one month or event one day.

_ Controlling your employees to reach the goal. And how to controlling your employees well? I will tell you later in another articles. Because the art of controlling people is huge and can not be presented in one article.

There are so many techniques to help you to controlling your employees. In this article, I just focus on two main controlling style, the Europe – US style and the Asian style.

The EU – US style:

The manager doesn’t need to know what are you doing now, they just give you the task, the deathline and they will review your task when you finish.

The arrangement of the EU- US office is tend to keep the workplace personally. You can see the separate sheeps are used very popular in the EU –US offices.

The Asian style:

The manager have to know what are you doing everytime. He need ot be informed as more as possible.

The arrangement of the Asian office is quite simple. A long table will be pit in the middle of the office and the eployees will sit along the table. The manager will sit at the top of the table. He can see what are the employees doing clearly at his position. When you are working for an Asian style company, especially the Japanese copany, you have to work every time, event when you have nothing to work.

In conclusion, thanks to Sun Bin, he said that:

_ Set the right goal for you and for your people. What you can do, do it now. What you can not do, don’t do it.

_ Reward the person who have great record immediately!

_ Punish the person who break the rules immediately!

I hope this article can help you some.

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