Friday, December 15

"i Want You…"

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One’s sexuality differs from another. This is because individuals have different behaviors, attitudes, physical and psychological development, and social customs relating to sexuality.

We are lucky that we are created with both primary and secondary sexual characteristics. That makes us different from the species of the animal kingdom where sexuality is geared mostly towards reproduction only.

I don’t know with others but I was a late bloomer. I was not mindful of the opposite sex until I reach second year high school. I was not keen on sexual _expression, too. Well, perhaps this is what it is supposed to be for females – to reserve what they think about it or simply, to keep it in private. In short, I was not self-conscious ‘that early’ (with regards to sexuality, that is). Please don’t be mistaken, being ‘self-conscious’ here doesn’t mean engaging in the sexual activity at an early age. It is more of being ‘aware’.

True, parents cannot safeguard their children most of the time. There are many ways for the growing adolescents to discover things related to sexuality. This is the period marked by increased social behavior and inevitably, adolescents will soon discover in any way that is possible.

“I want you…” I chanced upon these words while reading rated-R comics someone had let me borrow. I cannot remember when exactly was that but I can vividly remember the words, repeatedly enclosed inside the callouts. I don’t even remember the corresponding artwork – how it was done – although I am sure they were very suggestive. That had somehow caused the tissues to swell. Well, how could someone avoid getting excited with something that creates ‘something’? Especially, for a first-timer?

Enough of that story. I just wanted to share something about sexuality, and reality, too. That’s all. As a parent, I am fully aware that my children will undergo the adolescent stage and unavoidably, become an adult. I am fully aware, too, of the possibilities outside our home, that they may probably find something that will trigger their sexual awareness. There is nothing wrong with it. But it is always important, as they grow, to discuss with them things like sexual risks, and responsibilities, too, which accompany each action that they will make. It is important also to remind them that with each responsibility come the consequences of their decisions.


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