Sunday, December 17

Tattoos: Feminine Factor

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Tattoos can mean a lot of different things to different people. According to surveys, men like to think that they are tough and can withstand the pain when getting tattooed whereas women get tattoos when they’ve experienced some kind of major life change in a lot of cases. Due to famous female celebrities that can be seen having tattoos, tattooing became more socially acceptable. Women today are getting tons of different tattoo designs. They are starting to request varieties of customized designs on more visible parts of their body like arms, legs, lower back, shoulders and ankle.

Most popular styles are:

Tribal Tattoos

Flowers Tattoos

Rainbow Tattoos

Chinese & Japanese Tattoos

Another thing that can make the tattoo design more feminine looking is the placement on the body. Lower back or hip tattoo will make almost anything feminine in nature. Women are generally more style conscious than men. Some women prefer smaller tattoos because they feel sexier and are less painful to get inked.

The splendor of your tattoo increases when you get a deeper meaning. According to survey, women get tattoos when theirs changes in some cases of their life death of a love one to marriage to childbirth to new job. The meanings hidden in tattoos may be simple, dark, personal, power, happiness, depression, moving on to your life, name your pick.

The point is tattoos are a personal choice. Designing your own feminine tattoos is the first step in your journey. Female with tattoo is not a big deal anymore. Don’t be very concerned with what people will think. It is all about you and what you want. Express yourself, go for it!


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