Monday, December 18

The Nagging Pain

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Ever woke up in the morning suffering from a nagging pain in the head, instead of praising God for a beautiful morning that has broken? That is the worst that could happen. And worst, at the instant you open your eyes from sleep.

I could have stayed at home to rest yesterday. But my workload and an appointment awaited me. The pain was on and off so I decided to go to work after a bout of puke that was caused by the headache. There wasn’t even something to vomit but a glass of milk. That was the only intake I had because I don’t eat breakfasts very early in the morning. I am a picky eater during mornings. I took my breakfast at around 9 am only to puke afterwards everything that I ate which was very minimal – about 1/8 cup of rice and a few pieces of chopped fried pork chop.

The aspirin did not help and even made me puke even more upon reaching the office. Eeeewww!!! Bitter acid that tasted like pungent liquid! I tolerated pain that was nagging me until I decided to go home at 3 pm. The person I was waiting for did not arrive. The bastard didn’t even bother to call.

The pain had prompted me to do research about HEADACHES. Here is a short synopsis about headaches:

Headache, pain in any part of the head. Although the condition is widespread, less than 1 percent of all headaches indicate serious physical problems. This small percentage includes headaches caused by, or occurring after, concussion or injury to the head, meningitis, encephalitis, stroke, or brain tumors. Headache may also accompany misalignment of the jaw or teeth. Short-lived headaches may occur after eating very cold foods or foods high in nitrites or monosodium glutamate. Caffeine withdrawal also may provoke headaches. 

Three main groups of headache:

  1. migraine, a recurrent, severe headache, usually with throbbing on one side, accompanied by nausea and sometimes impaired vision
  2. cluster, similar to migraine, but of short duration, occurring daily in series over weeks or months and predominantly in the area of one eye
  3. tension, a headache without consistent location thought to result from contractions of the face, scalp, or neck muscles.

Most of tension headaches respond to mild analgesics like aspirin and acetaminophen. Severe migraine and cluster headaches do not respond to aspirin, but can be relieved by a variety of medications that affect the expansion or contraction of blood vessels. Headaches of all three major categories have been relieved in many cases with biofeedback techniques.

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On Emotions

Nagging pains of the head, except those that indicate serious problems, die down after a series of medication – be it light or through biofeedback. But there is a pain that numbs the senses but nags the heart and you don’t even know when it started exactly. It grows now and then as time passes by. It is like agony that is inside you and you can never tell its story.

It is when your heart grows weary and hope seems to have vanished that this pain started again to nag and longings arise. It is like poison inside that no antidote could counteract its effect or reduce its bad effects, an antidote that could be a welcome relief.

But as Kahlil Gibran had spoken,

Much of your pain is self-chosen. It is the bitter potion by which the physician within you heals your sick self.

Kahlil Gibran (1883 – 1931) Lebanese-born U.S. mystic, painter, and poet.

The Prophet, “On Pain”


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