Monday, December 18

Matches to Look Forward to During The 2010 World Cup in South Africa

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This years World Cup is exciting one because it opens for the very first time in football history to take in African soil. Besides, South Africa successfully hosts international competitions before and have competitive teams from African countries such as Nigeria, Cameroon and Ivory Coast.

More and more people now love soccer. These are surely another mega event in sports history and South Africa is the proud nation as of this moment given the chance to host this prestigious sporting event. This football event will surely make history and fascinate the whole world. There are 32 participating teams which are divided into groups. With the scheduled 48 matches, which games to look forward in this World Cup Football (VM fodbold)? Here are some hints:

Since the teams are divided into groups, let us examine some of these exciting matches.

•         Considerable attention is given to Group G. Countries such as Ivory Coast, Portugal and Brazil will be struggling to take the two spots. In particular, face-off between Portugal –Brazil will surely be a phenomenal game. Portugal housed its best player Ronaldo while Brazil has Kaka. Also, the feats between Ivory Coast – Brazil and Ivory Coast – Portugal will surely be a great fight.

•         England – USA is also sought after the Americans defeated the English during the 1950 tournament. This would surely be gigantic game to look forward to.

•         Due to the participation of various cultures and styles, the feat between Mexico – South Africa as well as France – Uruguay is desired. Coming from opposite cultures, which culture will prevail?

•         The face-off between Argentina – Nigeria will surely be a classical one. Here you will also anticipate how the rest of the teams get rid off winning just to advance.

•         Games in group D are well anticipated especially the face-off between Serbian-Australia likewise, how will the Ghanaians will outrage Germans.

•         In group E, the face-off between European rivals Denmark – Netherlands are much awaited also the feats between the Dutch and Japanese. Likewise, how will Cameroon get rid off Dutch in their home continent?

•         The blooded affair between Spain-Chile and against Honduras. Surely, Chile and Honduras will have head to head battles to take the spot. Among the group H is Spain. Chile, Honduras, as well as Switzerland will surely have a tough fight against the gigantic Spain, but remember, Spain also need to cope with their under achievement’s for the past years.

Ultimately, this World Cup (‘VM Fodbold‘ in Danish) will surely be an exciting one. Here you will find out if team favorites will still standout against the underdogs to this tournament. You should not miss any match as football makes history once again. Make sure you will stay tuned and watch who will win the World Cup Series as history unfolds again.


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