Tuesday, December 12

Online Money Making Ways

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Paid to promote:For those who have websites that have good amounts of traffic flowing in and out of that site you might wanna try this strategy in it is like making money just sitting there watching money flow in due to your websites contents and visitors. Every person who visits your website you get paid just a little portion of the profits the advertisers make off of you. There are hundreds of sites that do this for you just search it on google paid to promote sites. pretty fast and slow depending on your traffic to your site for me it is a 10/10

Paid to click: This strategy is for the people who are patent when it comes to making money online like me personally. I would wait for my payment then spend hours and hours at the computer for fast payments. The way paid to click works is this the site gets paid by advertisers who wants people to visit there sites so they pay the site to advertise the site. your job is to visit the site for the settled amount of time. Thus the site paying you a portion of the profits. Pretty slow process i Rate this a 5/10 if you need extra money.

Paid to surf: To be honest i don’t really understand how the site makes anymore off of you in this way but any how you get paid to surf different websites by being redirected after clicking a simple number or shape on the tool bar screen. They pay you via either 1000 pages surfed or weekly prises or random surf prises. I personally rate this way of making money a 3/10 due to the fact it is extremely hard work to sit at your computer and click all day long.

Get paid to:Oh yes get paid to sites are amazing that is all i got to say about them just kidding these types of sites are mainly survey sites where you get paid to do survey. There are some sites that allow you to use bots and some sites will ban you for doing so but i prefer to use the sites that allow bots i personally make about 10$ to 20$ a week from these sites. I rated this way of making money another perfect 10/10

paid to recruit: If you haven’t heard of this way then you must be blind because it is every where the simple task of asking people to join under your down line and earning from that simple task and a monthly payout from it. I personally haven’t made anything from it because i am really bad when it comes to communication so i might just get frustrated when someone doesn’t sign up and just give up but i heard people making a very massive amount from this so if your interesting go to GDI or whatever they have these days.


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