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Redgage: Income From Social Networking – 3 Key Ways to Earn, Earn, Earn Using Redgage

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Redgage is a new idea. It is barely into its second year and has a 20 year old Chief Executive from New York University, Daniel Redlich. He was spending hours on Facebook, Twitter, Blogger etc until he thought one day: “People should be paid for doing this!!” Redgage was born!! 

After nearly a year I have made almost $35 and I don’t spend much time doing it. It is easily my most lucrative online business area and over the next 12 months I am looking to aim at $100. How can this be achieved? Here are three simple steps:

Firstly, you get paid per click. Every viewing of your uploads gets paid at a rate personal to you. This can start as low as .64 cents. I am on $1.19 per 1000 clicks. This level depends on quality, quantity and activity. Your earnings depend on your level of uploads, number of active friends and the amount of networking activity – rating, commenting and favouriting – all the usual suspects for social networking. You can upload pictures, videos, links to web/blog sites, either your own or other people’s, or you can blog actually on Redgage – it does everything and pays for everything.

Secondly, you can earn bonuses for featured pics, videos, weblinks, blogs etc. These can be very lucrative. I have had seven features on the Redgage homepage each paying between $3 and $5, yes you heard correct – not cents, dollars!! The better the quality, and the more useful the content to Redgage and its advertisers, the more likely you are to get a “feature bonus”. Keep in touch with what gets featured. Lots of animals, great landscapes, sunsets and focused attractive blogs and links. Click through my features to get an idea.

Thirdly, the daily competition. Redgage expects you to do their marketing for them but they pay you in the form of raffle tickets. The more mentions you give Redgage on the web, the more raffle tickets you get and £25 is paid every day as a prize. The prizes are claimed in the form of the “prized” Redgage debit card which automatically loads once you receive your first one.

Finally, Redgage is the future of paid social networking so get aboard and join. Use my link – I don’t get money but I do get raffle tickets!!

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