Thursday, December 14

Evaluating Your Employees

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Evaluating process is one of the most important process of manage art.

One of the most important thing a manager need to remember is that people want to be recognize! He want to be identify by another people and he want his records are identified, rewarded.

Another reason, if a person who have great record in his work but the company doesn’t identified and he isn’t rewarded, he will thinks “Hey! Why do I need to try so hard? I receive nothing finally!”. And he will not try to have great record any more. Or if a person who made a mistake, or his record is not so well. But no one identify it. He will thinks: “Haha! I can go on this way. I don’t need to try harder or try to avoid the mistakes because no one identify it and I’m fine so far”. If your employees have the same attitude with him, you business will run slower, slower and finally stop!

For the manager, the evaluating process will help him gain information so that he can make a good decision. He can not manage well if he don’t know how his employees are now. Such as you can not drive a car if your eyes don’t see anything or you don’t know if the fuel is empty!

In conclusion, thanks to Sun Bin again. He said:

_ Set the right goal for you and for your people. What you can do, do it now. What you can not do, don’t do it.

_ Reward the person who have great record immediately!

_ Punish the person who break the rules immediately!

I hope this article can help you some.

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