Saturday, December 16

Mudding 101

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To start this article, I have to be honest: I never have written an article before as a writer, or if i have, It was for some Literature class in high school and college. Probably on some mundane topic that no-one really cares about and got me the grade required to pass the course.  Welcome to the new world as they say.

I am an Information Technology major by trade, and I introduce you to a world called the Mud/Muck/Mush/Moo World of Computer RPG Gaming. It is the original RPG game that was based on the paper, pencil, dice and book version called Original Dungons and Dragons, or fondly nicknamed, DND.

I started this type of gaming way back when, over fifteen years ago, at the beginning of the PC/Amiga/XBOX/PS Series Age. They existed as online text games and partial graphical muds on the mainframe computers (IBM/VAX/HP) which were originally programmed in Cobol, Fortran, and early C code. They existed on pre 8088 standards (Commodore. Vic-20/64/128 and Atari era) and found their way forward to the PC world we all know of today. A long road from which many do not exist today, where many more come and go in surges of populatiry.

There is one that stands out of the crowd, probably the oldest mud there is called Dark Castle (Http:// and is a veteran of this ancient RPG gaming world. It has survived for over fifteen years, seeing almost two decades of computing, two owners, many player trends, and caretakers who maintain it. This game is by far the most complex and entertaining game there is for OLD School RPG (Role playing game) Enthusiasts. It offers many classes, races, and an almost original “World” of over 750+ zones that can span from any era, science fiction, fantasy, fiction, non-fiction and horror based storylines. It also offers 20 original clan bases for good and evil and original equipment sets.  

It is not an EASY game to master, don’t be fooled. You cannot learn it overnight and expect to succeed. It is a thinking game, where you need to understand more than just the creation of an avatar. or “Character”. It goes much deeper, in a web of the mazelike world, NPC characters (Mobs). and understanding the game rules and equipment needed to succeed at your task. It is a task that you should not expect to be easy. There is many aspects of the game that you will come to understand and learn from doing. It may take you more than a year to understand it all and even then you still will learn something new.

It is not for the faint of heart either. Many of the EVIL clans will set you back, giving you the “Rkill” where you will drop your inventory and equipment from which they will plunder your corpse. If you are fast on your feet you can always recover it but more times it it plunders by the mobs you are supposed to kill.

Dark Castle is a fast paced, challenging game for any age, any race, any sex and for the whole family. One that I recommend if you want a real challenge over the mundane world of WII/XBOX/PS2 and 3 of mindless violence.

Certain rules are enforced, no automated scripts, no multiplay, no cheating of any sort is allowed.

Main one, its ONLY a game, don’t take alot of it personally if you get setback. It is a challenge to keep going and always fun and different each round.

There are people to help you and some will. Just ask and someone will answer. It might even be the ‘Immortal’ caretakers. It depends on who is on.

“Many your adventures here suck.” A cute motto of DC, its meaningless, the game is only what you make of it.

Have fun!!! Best way to look at it.


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