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Review of Facebook Game Frontierville

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In this game players are worked with carving out a place for themselves in the wilderness. Players can farm, construct buildings, harvest resources, start a family, and deal with the dangers of living in the wild, including run-ins with animals.

Frontierville puts you in control of building up your own frontier town. Plant and harvest crops as you clear your land for building such s your cabin and general store. Fight off bears, snakes, and gophers as they try to stop you at every turn. Settle down, marry, and raise a family.

FrontierVille instead combines a lot of the best gameplay mechanics from a lot of the best Zynga games into something that does not feel particularly like any single Facebook title this author has ever played before. Take to the open trail and build your own town in Frontierville. Grow crops, clear the land, and battle critters. You start out small with just a wagon and some seeds in your pocket, and an entire world to explore. First you will need to clean up grass and cut down some tress to have the necessary space to start building your town. Then you will start building the structures yourself, with the help of friends: you need construction materials from them, which are sent via gifting.

FrontierVille is still in the early stages but looks promising. As the game develops there should be new items and areas to explore. There is a “rattlesnake” canyon that’s not implemented in the game yet which looks to be interesting. Be sure to check back as we look more into this game with guides and updates as it progresses.

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