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Laptop Tips For Users

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How to you use your laptop? Ok! Click over there and here.

There are two types of user, first the occasional userwho works on their laptop for a short period of time and sometimes they open their laptop just for reading their email. Second, are the full-time user who regularly opens their laptop in which they make it as their main computer. Whoever you are, if you use laptop regularly or irregularly this article will be giving you tips about laptops.

Laptops actually not good for user in terms of its structure, hence the LCD and keyboard is installed in a single unit which violates the postural practice in using computers. It implies that you need to be conscious in how you set or operate your laptop because it may cause you postural problems in the future or some unwanted body pains. Take time to stretch every couple of minutes. If you notice the cramping effect in your body when using your laptop then it is time to take a break and stretch.

Some years ago, I had learned that when you plug your laptop in an electric outlet and then you continue to use it for hours then it would be advisable to detach the battery pack of your laptop because some laptop users noticed that it will degrade or damage the laptop’s battery pack. So if you are not in travel or even you are in your office, practice to detach the battery pack and plug it instead to an electric outlet so that you can preserve your battery pack.

I would recommend that when you save your document files save it into an external hard drive. In this manner, you will not be worrying about your document files when your laptop will crash and also you can have much available space where you can install your programs, store your music and video files.

Your laptop has a delicate circuitry and its components are thinner compare to a common computer, so overheating your laptop will cause serious damage to it. The best use of your laptop is for 2 to 4 hours then let it cool down for some time then you can use it again. Avoid making your laptop as a play station; if possible don’t install heavy games on your laptop to avoid temptation of playing on it for hours. Remember that laptop’s components are quite delicate.

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