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Tips For Your Computer’s Sake

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Nowadays, computers in an kind or model are becoming so precious to education, business industry and even to the lives of people. So it is also very convenient to a user that he/she can have the skills in preserving or operating the unit wisely. Below I will be listing some of the proven tips that will help you in your computer perusal.

Tip 1

You can always memorize some keyboard shortcuts so that you can save your time or extract effort in using your computer. Like in the PC, make use of the WinKey by pressing Winkey + R to open the command line of Run dialogue box, Winkey + D which minimizes all program and easily access the desktop, my favorite shortcut of all is Winkey + E which open the Windows Explorer, Winkey + U + R for restarting your computer, Winkey + U + H for hibernating the computer or Winkey + U + U for shutting down your PC for more shortcut visit this site.

Tip 2

Having three accounts in your computer such that of administrator account, your account and guest account is an ideal thing to do. Login only in the administrator account if you do some changes in your system, login always to your account when you are doing your work or surfing the net and reading emails or files. And let other users to login as guest. This will add some restriction and security in your computer.

Tip 3

Secure your PC from viruses; install anti-virus, anti-malware, anti-spyware or any security program that you can avail. And you have to note that regularly update your ‘anti’ programs or else your PC will be susceptible to any unwanted programs. For more info visit this site.

Tip 4

Regularly clean your PC by running the defragmentation program. Do this at least once a month depending on the amount of your files. To be consider also how many times you move/transfer/delete you files. This will boost your PC performance. Run the System File Checker to restore and repair all Windows files and you can always use the Help and Support to be guided in using this program.

Tip 5

Shutdown properly your PC after using and then off the AVR or UPS. Don’t let your PC be in Sleep mode or hibernating for long hours this will help your computer to cool down and conserves energy too.

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