Thursday, December 14

Win Money Playing Poker

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There are a few simple steps to earning money playing poker online!

1. If you have never played before, take your time learning the game through online poker companies. If you don’t know of any online poker companies, do a quick search on your favorite search engine and you will quickly find a few good companies. 

2. Play using fake money until you start to get a hang of the game. Play in single tables, tournaments, and any other game you can find to broaden your knowledge. 

3. Learn the basics of the odds of poker! This can be one of the most important things, so you know when to fold, when to stay in a hand, and what hands are the best to play. You can do this easily by searching “poker odds” in a search engine. 

4. Once you understand the game, deposit money into your poker account and start to play low-stake games($.01/.02) blinds. With poker, especially when you first start out, you should expect to lose while you should also expect to win. But never play over your budget!

5. When you can handle these low-stake games and are not consistently losing, you can start to play higher stakes. But once again, never play over your budget! I would also suggest you not jumping up to quick, as you can quickly become discouraged if you start to lose your money. 

6. Be patient. Poker involves winning and losing. Even the best players will lose hands that they think they should have won. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING is to be patient and don’t let yourself play bad hands! If you are patient and learn to play the right hands, you will eventually start to earn money. The more you play, the better you will be!

I hope this helps you start on your journey of earning money playing poker online! Remember, just like anything worthwhile in life, you have to be patient and willing to take a loss before you can learn to win. If you follow these steps you can surely start to earn money online playing poker. 



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