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John Flavel's Works (6 Volume Set) Part 2 of 2

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Welcome to the Still Waters Revival Books video book summary for “The Works of John Flavel” 6 Volume Set by John Flavel Part 2 of 2

The Seaman’s Catechism

The Seaman’s Companion – Six Sermons

The Seaman’s Farewell

A Seaman in a Storm

The Seaman’s Preservative

The Successful Seaman

The Disappointed Seaman

The Seaman’s Return

Saint Indeed

What it is to keep the heart

How to keep the heart from desponding in times of adversity

The Application of the Foregoing

The Touchstone on Sincerity

Ch 1 – Wherein the text is opened
Ch 2 – Many professors of religion are under very great and dangerous mistakes in their professions
Ch 3 – That the true grace is exceeding precious and greatly enricheth the soul that hath it: It is Christ’s gold
Ch 4 – That only is to be accounted grace, which is able to endure all those trials appointed or permitted for the discovery of it
Ch 5 – Shewing what probation adversity makes of the sincerity or unsoundness of our hearts
Ch 6 – Shewing indwelling sin to be to grace, what fire is to gold, and how the soundness and unsoundness of our hearts are discovered by our carriage towards it
Ch 7 – Shewing what proof or trial is made of the soundness or unsoundness of our graces by the duties of religion which we perform
Ch 8 – Opening the trials of sincerity and hypocrisy, by sufferings upon the account of religion
Ch 9 – Opening the designs and ends of God, in bringing the professors of religion unto such various trials of their graces in this world
Ch 10 – Shewing that that grace only is to be reckoned sincere and real, which can endure those trials which God appoints, or permits, for the discovery of it
Ch 11 – Containing divers practical instructive inferences from this doctrine, with a serious exhortation to self-trial and thorough examination
Ch 12 – Containing divers helps for the clearing of sincerity and discovery of hypocrisy

A Token for Mourners

Christians must avoid immoderate sorrow

Twelve Dissausives Against Immoderate sorrow

The Removal of Twelve Pleas and Excuses for Immoderate sorrow

The Means of Curing and preventing sinful excuses of sorrow

“The Works of John Flavel” (Vol VI)

Preparations for Sufferings

Ch 1 – Wherein the text is opened, and the doctrine propounded
Ch 2 – Shews that although God takes no delight in afflicting his people, yet he sometimes exposeth them to great and grievous sufferings, with a brief account why, and how he calls them thereunto
Ch 3 – Shews that it is usual with God to premonish his people of approaching trials and sufferings
Ch 4 – Demonstrating the excellency of a prepared heart for the worst of sufferings, and what a blessed thing it is to be ready to be bound or to die for Christ, as Paul here was
Ch 5 – Evincing the necessity of a sound and real work of grace upon the heart, to fit a man for suffering for Christ
Ch 6 – Wherein the nature of this work of grace in which our habitual fitness for suffering lies is briefly opened
Ch 7 – In which the necessity of getting clear evidences of this work of grace in us, in order to our readiness for sufferings
Ch 8 – Discovering the necessity of an improved faith for the right management of sufferings
Ch 9 – Wherein the necessity and usefulness of Christian fortitude in order to sufferings is evinced
Ch 10 – Discovering the necessity of an heart mortified to all earthly and temporal enjoyments, in order to the right managing of a suffering condition
Ch 11 – Wherein is opened the singular advantages saints have by their skill and insights into the methods and mysteries of Satan’s temptations
Ch 12 – Sheweth that a choice part of our preparation and readiness for sufferings consists in the improvement of our praying abilities, and keeping close with God in that heavenly and excellent duty in days of suffering
Ch 13 – Wherein is shewed the necessity of going out of ourselves even when our habitual and actual preparations are at the greatest height
Ch 14 – Containing the first use of the point by way of conviction, discovering the unreadiness of multitudes of professors for suffering work
Ch 15 – Containing another use of the point, by way of exhortation, persuading all the people of God, whilst the Lord respites, and graciously delays their trials, to answer the end of God therein
Ch 16 – Containing the last use of the point, by way of support and comfort to poor trembling souls, who do take pains to make themselves ready for sufferings

The Balm of the Covenant applied to the bleeding wounds

The Blessings of the Covenant
The Nature of the Covenant
The Comforts of the Covenant
A Sermon preached for the funeral of John Upton
An Exposition of the Assembly’s Shorter Catechism
A Reply to Mr. Cary’s Solemn Call
A Reply to Mr.Cary’s arguments

Sacramental Meditations

Ps 89:7
Jer 12:2
Rom 7:21
Eph 1:13
John 1:29
Rom 8:32
Mark 9:24
Ps 40:8
Zech 12:10
John 6:55
Cant. 8:6
Eph 3:19

A Familiar Conference between a minister and a doubting Christian concerning the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper

The Reasonableness of Personal Reformation

Part I – Personal Reformation

Ch 1 – The Introduction and state of the case
Ch 2 – The Rule of Reason respecting morality allowed by mankind
Ch 3 – The Censure by reason and conscience of profane swearing and blasphemy
Ch 4 – The Censure by reason and conscience of the sin of drunkenness
Ch 5 – The Censure by reason and conscience of the sin of uncleanness
Ch 6 – The Censure by reason and conscience of the enmity of thousands against all serious piety

Part II – The Possibility, Necessity and Excellency of Conversion to God

A Coronation Sermon preached at Dartmouth

The Character of a Complete Evangelical Pastor

A Double Scheme or Table of the sins and duties attaching to church membership

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