Tuesday, December 12

Psychic Abilities

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When I was small, I used to wish I was psychic.  I thought I’d see ghosts just like they were living people (just maybe a bit see-through and scary), and that flashes of the future would strike me like lightning (and seem like a movie) and I’d know just what it was all about and what to do about it.

As my life has progressed, I’ve discovered that I do have psychic talent, but my childhood expectations of just what it would be like were the biggest thing holding me back from exploring it to the fullest and understanding just what it was all about.

The biggest shock to me was discovering that various friends consider me to be the best reader they know, and hearing other psychics make comments like “I can’t imagine being as sensitive as you are.”    Am I? Why don’t I seem to have any great level of accuracy?  When I pass a message on, many people say they don’t know what I’m talking about, or no, there’s nothing in that garden, I looked.

The truth is, for me, this ‘talent’ is a lot more gentle than I realised, or as a friend likes to put it, more subtle.  The first realisation that I was communicating with ‘something else’ was the realisation that the conversations I seem to have with myself in my head are sometimes answered by a voice that isn’t mine.  For a long time I thought I was kidding myself, until I noticed that when I talk to myself in my head I repeat words or phrases, sometimes over and over.  This wasn’t happening.  There were also words or phrases that I would never use, or string together.  Then there was knowledge that came through that I had no way of knowing.  Or images that made no sense to me, but when I describe them to someone else, they really mean something to them.  Or an overwhelming urge to say something – a seemingly meaningless phrase, but one that can have a world of meaning to another, or entice them to talk about something they really need to get out.

The accuracy thing, I’ve discovered is not about what I see and hear, instead, it’s more about the person receiving the message.  Some get a fright or feel exposed or overwhelmed and deny the message means anything.  Some don’t understand it until much later (and I’ve been the recipient of some of these), some just plain choose to not understand it, and others over think it.

Another stumbling block for many is the use of the word ‘psychic’.  It covers so many different areas that when someone goes for a reading, they’re not necessarily getting what they expect.  A medium is someone who sees or hears spirits.  They will be passing on messages or images that spirits present to them.  A seer will see the future.  An empath picks up on emotions and feelings.  Most Tarot readings cover what is going on now all around you and where that can lead, although some are based on telling the future.

I have issues with ‘telling the future’.  I don’t believe it’s written in stone.  It can change on the strength of a thought.   To tell someone their future, depending on that person, can lead to that person either making it come true through their actions, or go out of their way to change it and deny it, and prove that reader wrong.  I’m reminded of an episode of a children’s cartoon.  One of the characters had a magic 8 ball which told the main character that he would have a terrible afternoon.  He was so frightened of his terrible afternoon that he stayed home and didn’t join his friends when they went riding their bikes to the lake for a swim and a picnic.  At the end of the day, he realised that he did have a terrible afternoon, but that he’d done it to himself.

I also have issues with some of the messages that people receive.  Just because some deceased relative has given them a message doesn’t mean they have to do anything with it.  Spirits don’t necessarily get smarter than they were when alive.  I believe these messages should be treated in exactly the same way as you would if that person was still living.  You have free will, make your own choices!


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