Does my child have worms?

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How do you know if you child has worms?

Apparently this is a very easy little problem for children to pick up, if they play in the dirt outside and don’t wash their hands before they go in the mouth, then there is a chance that your child could end up with worms. But how do you know, normally the child will end up with an itchy bottom, if the case if servere the child may end up with a lose of apetite or sleep. It is also possible that you may find white thread like objects in the poo of your child, although it isn’t very easy to find.

An interesting test that the doctor may carry out to find out if your child really has worms or not, is to use some sticky tape on the bum, and then send it off to the lab to confirm your suspicions.

One thing to remember however, is that such things aren’t overly harmful for your child’s health, but they do need to be delt with, and the local doctor can help you to fix your child up. But you’ll also have to help by making sure that your child washes their hands a lot, to keep themselves from getting re-infected, also make sure that they don’t share towels with other family members for a while. Lastly it seems that pets can be a common source of worms, that can spread to other family members so it is a good idea to get your dog or cat dewormed quite often.


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