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How to Raise Self Esteem Within A Marital Break-Up

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Marital Separation

Are you going through a separation, or know of someone who is? Or maybe you have is the past? When two parties break up there is seldom one particular individual that is totally at fault. Regardless there is the flood of overwhelming feelings such as:

    * Failure
    * Rejection
    * Depression

Then they are often supported by non-feelings such as:

    * Child custody battle
    * Financial issues
    * Splitting of the assets

The Main Causes Of Low Self Image

Failure, rejection, and depression, can often cause the self-image of low self-esteem, but the lower list will give way to greater chances of low self-esteem. The definition of Self-Esteem has an umbrella concept, and its defined how an individual measures their overall worth and this can be attributed to the sum total of their own gifts and abilities compared to their perceived failures.  Low self-esteem happens when we feel or perceive ourselves as failed and not supported by others.

Useful Tips:

With low self-esteem; it affects almost every aspect of your life, more so with the relations of others. Always be aware not to isolate yourself form the people that matter to you the most, and listen to them if this is the case, because an outsider view, sometimes can see things a little clearer than the person that is burdened with emotions. I most cases, these will be the same people that will help you the most. I say this only because we tend to avoid people or social situations like the plague, and being lonesome can only feed into depression.

We have to take control of our situation. I know this sounds easy, but its not, I know! We have to stop all the negative talk about ourselves, weather its in our heads, under our breath or out load or where ever. If you continue to speak negative it will continue the low self-esteem pattern. Remember that there are people that love you, and perhaps rely on your well-being. Remind them that you love them. This enforces that connection of emotional support, and they will want to do it even more.

Don’t put yourself down. Treat yourself with respect and compassion. Write down all the good things you have done in your life and read them out load, several times a day to remind yourself. Write down at least 10 items. Also when you go over each of those items remember and think about what you were doing at the time of those good memories.

Try to be around people that have a positive influence on you. Negative people will just make you feel negative.

By this time you may have stopped doing things you use to like doing. Try to engage in a simple activity you enjoy even if it’s non-committing. The idea is to get you out of the house socializing with people and getting that self-esteem up.

Beneficial Relief

To Make these plans effective, is too take initiative as soon as possible. Low Self Esteem never truly goes away on its own, you have to fight, and conquer it using the tools at your disposal  Hypnosis Self Esteem is a very effective tool in helping us find the underlining issues and therefore making resolutions much more beneficial of our suffering issues. With a combination of this and these effective tips you will get faster stress relief, and feel happier faster. Convert those negative thoughts into positive thoughts, about yourself. Be the person you deserve and want to be.

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