How to Spend Less at the Mall

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Step One

Many people go to the mall during their free time even when they do not have plans to buy anything, but end up buying unnecessary stuff anyway. Don’t go to the mall unless you need something. This will prevent impulse buys.

Step Two

When you do go shopping and see something you want, first think about where you will keep it in your house. Will it make your house more cluttered without really adding much value? Rethink how important it is to have this item in your house.

Step Three

Do you already have something else that fulfills the same purpose as the object you want? If yes, only buy the new item if you are willing to sell the old one on ebay/craigslist.
Step Four Have a snack before you go to the mall. This will help you save the money that you would have otherwise spend on snacks/drinks/refreshments at the overpriced mall stores.


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