Monday, December 11

Why People Should Not Gamble When They're in Las Vegas

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Gambling is a major problem for people visiting Vegas a door people living in Vegas. You just don’t win as much as you lose unless you’re lucky for the day or that you’re a professional. I must admit that professional gambler do win some and lose some but inexperienced gamblers will only find themselves losing more than winning so it’s best that they save their money for other things like the buffet. I would definitely recommend the buffet over gambling at any time.

Unless you know what you’re doing, you should keep the money to yourself since you might lose a lot of it and you could use it for something else. Gambling is very dangerous and it should not be the only reason why you visit Las Vegas. I used to play a little bit myself and I’m talking from experienced and as a card dealer. The casino will have all sorts of tricks to keep you from winning. Unless, you know all of their tricks, you will lose more than you win. If you really want to play, you have to learn all of their tricks.

If you lose $1000, you are losing because you could have spent it on food or shows. It will be better spent if it was on something other than gambling. People could easily lose $1000 gambling. I’ve seen it in half an hour with a tourist. He sat down and he kept sling. He keeps on taking out money and he kept on losing and losing and he walk away losing like $1000. This is not very smart. You should not lose this much in Vegas although people lose all the time and then they get mad and they yell at everyone else. People go home and yell at their kids after they lose gambling.

 If you’re not a pro. It will be hard to win. I’ve seen people lose and it’s just sad to see them lose. It’s even worse when they don’t know when to walk away. Casino knows a lot of your psychology. They know that you will continue when you lose and that’s when they will get you. When you’re tired and beat up, you will lose even more. It’s very dangerous to gamble and more so if you’re a kid. You need to be a responsible gambler when you’re in Vegas. If you think you’re going to win, unless you have won before with your methods, you should save your money for the buffet. If you’re really desperate, you should play the slot machine.


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