How to Stay Healthy while Traveling

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Step One

Choose a hotel with a fitness center. Pack your gym clothes. Get on that treadmill even if for 15 minutes every day.

Step Two

In the morning and in the evening, jog in place for 5 minutes in your hotel room.

Step Three

After the workday is over, take a walk. You will get to do some sightseeing while burning some calories.

Step Four

Eat healthy at meetings. Don’t eat that donut – go for the fruit and yogurt instead.

Step Five

Eat healthy at the lunch with business associates. Get a grilled chicken breast instead of the pasta with cream sauce. Making the right choices at every meal is important.

Step Six

Eat healthy at dinner. Instead of the side of mashed potatoes, get a side of roasted vegetables.

Step Seven

Skip the dessert or order a bowl of fresh seasonal fruit. If you absolutely want that chocolate lava cake, share it with someone.

Step Eight

Walk to as many places as possible during the workday. Those steps do add up. Wear a pedometer to keep you motivated.

Step Nine

Think healthy. Think of all the extra years of your life you will get if you are responsible now. Call home and talk to loved ones so that you remember all the good things that are waiting for you, and for which you need to stay healthy.


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