Monday, December 11

Spring Cleaning-Make It Fun-Filled Activity

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Spring cleaning is that period in spring time when families set aside some time for cleaning their house and this type of cleaning is more prominent in Western countries where spring arrives after harsh cold winter. Spring cleaning is most commonly referred to the yearly act of house cleaning that takes place during the first warm days of the year, which is in spring.  It is also associated with every kind of heavy duty cleaning.  Also, when a person or organization starts organizing its matters before inspection or audit, it is referred to as spring cleaning. 

To make spring cleaning an efficient and fun-filled exercise, following points need to be kept in mind:

1. Prepare a checklist: Before anything is done, prepare a checklist of all the cleaning you are going to perform.  Write down the places in your house that needs cleaning or you intend to clean such as cabinets, attic, windows, kitchen, lighting fixtures, bathroom, etc.

2. Ascertain whether you have sufficient supplies: Check whether there are enough supplies and tools required for all sorts of cleaning. The supplies and tools you might require are cleaning powder, detergents, brushes, wipers, ladder, hammer and pliers, paint, etc.

3. Make sure you get rid of clutter: If there are items and objects that you are not longer using and are not likely to use in future, dispose it off.  Either sell it or give it to someone who can make use of it.

4. To make spring cleaning fun and entertaining, involve your family members.  You can plan a movie or dinner or picnic after the cleaning is over and this will keep family bonhomie intact. 

5. Enjoy Spring cleaning: As spring cleaning is tedious and boring job, play some pleasant music to make this task less boring.  Crack few jokes with kids and other family members.

All these steps can make your spring cleaning fun-filled enthusiastic work which you will eagerly await for next year.


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