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Don't Make These Mistakes – Personal Injury

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A personal injury occurs due to various physical and psychological causes. When the cause of personal injury is due to fault or negligence of person other than the injured, then the injured person is entitled to personal injury claim. The common causes of physical injuries are accidents on road and at work place, assault, accidents at home, injury due to defective gadgets etc.  Personal injury claims can also be demanded when a person suffers psychological injury.  Psychological injury to a person can be caused due to negligence on part of doctor, dentist, faulty diagnosis, administering wrong medicine etc.

Where such accidents are fault of someone else, the injured person is entitled to monetary compensation from the person whose negligence was cause of injury. Personal injury compensation provides a victim of personal injury some financial assistance to recover from financial setback. It also helps in providing the required treatment. Some personal injury cases are settled outside the court. This provides a good opportunity to the injured person to bargain for more amount of compensation and saves lot of time and trauma. 

The amount of compensation in case of personal injury is determined by personal injury attorney after consulting the insurance company’s adjuster when the case reaches settlement stage. Various factors go into determining the amount of compensation to be given like severity of the injury suffered, cost of treatment, amount lost due to job loss, recurring cost due to injury etc. The victim alone cannot decide the amount of compensation.


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