Friday, December 15

Plant Cannabis to Save The Soil! Before It's Too Late!

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Thanks to some dug up history that the govs could not get rid of and to the bravery of such scientists as the ones at the UW, the research and development of our Cannabis knowledge has grown exponentially. We now know that Cannabis, in particular, Industrial Hemp, has are LARGE compacity to cleanse soil and air of toxic pollutants.

It can rejuvinate the soil after cotton or tobacco have been planted. It is carbon neutral, so it puts out less carbon than it consumes, making it safe against the threat of green house gases. It’s easy to plant and can be rotated in and out of other crops easily, ESPECIALLY Organic crops. It can even clean natural water sources faster than tree’s.

With the toxic rain hitting all the way to New York from the Gulf of Mexico and everywhere in between, farmers and home owners a like are starting to notice the toll the chemical dispersants are taking on their valued crops and animals.

DEATH is coming slowly and painfully from every direction for small animals and every sort of plant, even the weeds, as the chemical dispersants travel through the lower atmosphere into where we live. It’s only a matter of time before the rest of north and south America start to see it too…

Yet, what is there that we can really do to take back what BP has done? Will suing them and fining them for a third of their billions really do anything to help? Not really. It might give those with damaged crops and dead animals a chance to fund their attempts to fix their soild and heal their plants, but it still won’t turn back time to take away the major error BP made with the chemical dispersants.

So what to we do??


Industrial Hemp especially, but even cannabis sativa sative (marijuana) has the ability to cleanse the soil. It’s mother natures gift to us and although I am sure it wasn’t intended for this particular job, it certainly has the perfect resume for it!

Plant cannabis in and around your water sources, streams, rivers, lakes, ponds, pools, brooks, creeks and any source that will be used for drinking or watering. These chemical dispersants won’t stop at plants, it will get right into the dirt and easily transport itself to water and stay in the dirt of years unless we do something to stop it right now.

Plant cannabis in place of any crops that were effected by the toxic rain and chemicals. Completely pull out the old crop and plant the cannabis in it’s place until the cannabis comes up strong and healthy. Once that cannabis has a chance to cleanse the soil and shows that it is not clean and healthy, replant your food and feed crops, knowing that you will have fresh clean soil with only the best nutrients in it.

Plant Cannabis now to Save the Soil!!


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