Monday, December 18

Happiness Consists In Having A Child

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When you are young you do not think very often about getting married and having children. Young people like to go dating, to have fun with their partner. They enjoy parties and dancing in the club. Night life is their way of living.

No one says you have to marry too young. A good age to take this decision is around 24 years for women and 25 for men.

Why to get married and have kids? The answer is because a baby strengthens the relationship between two lovers. There is nothing more as sweet as seeing your baby lifting his hands to you.

He is the fruit of love, its most concrete manifestation. It’s a nice feeling to see him growing beside you and became a man.

At first it will be hard: sleepless nights, crying. But all will be rewarded with one smile your cute baby. All anger is forgotten in front of this small wonder. What could be more beautiful than to keep your own child in your arms?

You will be so proud to see your child as the first step. Then the first word you will overjoy. First day at school will be memorable … and many other miracles that will happen with younger member of your family.

Thinking about us aging, children can make this period of life more beautiful.

Life is full of difficulties and troubles but a child brighten up your days.


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