How to Save on Entertainment

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Step One
Downgrade/get rid of cable TV. This has the potential of saving you lots of money over the rest of your life on TV entertainment alone. Get an over the air antenna or watch your favorite shows online.

Step Two
Do not pay movie theater prices. Get netflix instead. For a low monthly rent of $8.99 you can check as many DVDs as you like (1 at a time) and watch thousands of movies online on your computer/XBox 360/Roku device.

Step Three
If you don’t mind waiting to get the movie you want to watch, check it out from your local library. You may need to put a hold on the movies you want because good ones are in very high demand, and are almost always checked out.

Step Four
While you are at the library, check out a few books.

Step Five
If you really want to watch a movie in the theaters, go before 2:30pm on weekends and 5pm on weekdays to catch a matinee show. Matinee show hours will vary, so don’t forget to check your local theater’s website before heading out. This will save you $2-4 per person per movie.

Step Six
Do not buy popcorn/soda/candy at concession stands in the theater. This is where theaters make the biggest margins. Have a snack before the movie to reduce temptations once you are at the theater.

Step Seven
Host a board game night for friends and family and play a fun game like Monopoly. Even better, play mafia – it does not require you to buy a board; and all the drama, lies, suspense, and murders makes you feel like you are in a movie.

Step Eight
Play video games. The arcade version of a XBox 360 costs only $199, but it can entertain you for hours on end, saving you money you would have spent on other entertainment.

Step Nine
Play online games for free. and are good sites that have tons of games for all types of people.

Step Ten
Don’t buy music, don’t pay for subscription satellite radio, but don’t pirate music either. Use a free online radio service such as pandora. Pandora is great because if you tell it your favorite artist, band o/composer, it will find music that you will like

Step Eleven
In your free time go out for a run, do something physical, play frisbee, enjoy the setting sun (or the rising sun depending on your waking hours), play with your kids, play with your pets. Not only do these activities have entertaining values, but they will enrich your life and keep you mentally and physically healthy as well.


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