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Money Saving Tips For Your Wedding

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The average wedding costs over $25,000 with the majority of those costs spent on catering.  With such a big pricetag, parents and couples alike are looking to save some cash while still throwing a memorable party. Consider these money saving tips as you plan for the big day.

Online Wedding Invitations

With print on demand and digital printing technology wedding annoucements can be designed, printed and even mailed using online sites. The cost of an online invitation is considerably lower than a traditional print shop, often times with the entire package costing less than envelopes alone at your local print shop. With many sites to choose from, there are literally thousands of template and designs to choose from, with most sites allowing you to upload your own photos and design elements. Suggested language and formats also help users create just the right piece to announce their big day or to say thanks afterwards. By searching for customized wedding invitations online, wedding planners can save big.

Wedding Refreshments, Not a Wedding Meal

Wedding guests want to celebrate the union of their friends. Too often wedding parties include a heavy meal that puts guests in the nap taking mood. Instead of serving a costly and heavy meal, consider serving light refreshements. Cakes, nuts, fruits and salads are great items that cost much less and can be cleverly designed and served easily. Cheesecakes from the local Costco or Sam’s Club are very economical and most guests will love them. Mixed nuts and mints are easy to serve and cost pennies a serving. Fruits in season are cheap yet appealing to almost everyone, including those watching what they eat. By choosing refreshments instead of a full blown meal costs can but cut by as much as 85%.

Rent Your Wedding Gown

Most brides only wear their wedding gown a couple of times for the wedding day and photos. Afterwards is sits in the closet gathering dust. Budget conscious brides will consider renting a gown for a fraction of the cost of buying. Rented wedding gowns allow brides to have a beautiful dress while saving some money for after the nuptuals. Many brides hope to have their daughters use their gown But the reality is with changing fashions year to year a daughter is more likely to be cringing rather than clapping at wearing mom’s 30 year old dress!

Wedding Photography

Memories of your wedding day need to be preserved. But many professional photographers and videographers charge well over $1000 for their services. Rather than speding so much, look for friends or family that are amateurs who are willing to take photos or videos for much less or even free. These amateures usually will not charge you copywrite fees either, allowing you to reproduce your photos and videos. With digital cameras and digital video cameras so prevelant today, most amatuer artists have all the equipment you need for your wedding. Of course a review of their work prior to a contract is a must. But with a little homework and networking, you can save thousands on your photos and videos with a friend or family member.

Smaller Wedding Cakes

In yesterday’s weddings the wedding cakes were enourmous with multiple layers and decorations. Today’s cakes are smaller and more unique. There is little need for a big cake to feed hundreds as most couples don’t expect to use the cake as refreshment anyway. Choose a small two layer cake with unique colors and decorations and save money. Easier to transport and feature at the reception, a small cake can reduce your wedding budget by hundreds of dollars while still providing a traditional element to your wedding.


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