Monday, December 11

4 Ways For Women to Redefine Themselves

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Being a woman has always been challenging, especially in the business world. They still earn lower salaries than men, even when they hold the same positions. Many say that women are still considered inferior to men because they are too passive. While this explanation may be disquieting, in hindsight, it is not untrue. 

Why has society still so much prejudice against women? Probably because they must change their behavior and learn to trust and love themselves before demanding equality.

Weakness Redefined

Women have been told over and over that men are much stronger than them. If it was the truth, God would have entrusted them with pregnancy, labor, and a couple of other things. Instead, He chose women. This, in itself, is proof of their importance in the grand scheme of things.

The truth of the matter is that weakness has nothing to do with physical strength. Real weakness is when a man takes advantage of his power to abuse a woman or a child (and the same goes with women who beat other men and children). Another form of weakness is when a human being will not follow his or her dreams and will give up on what makes him or her happy, because they have been brainwashed into thinking that they should sacrifice their lives for the good of others.

The Feminist Agenda

“Nowadays, men have no manners. They do not even hold the door for us anymore!” Indeed, courtesy is disappearing. However, while a lot of women are busy demanding respect, they forget an important point: One should never expect someone to do something that one would never do. When asked if they would hold the door for men, women often answer “no”. So, really, you cannot have your cake and eat it too.

Ladies, Bring the “Pretty” Back

“Women will get into petty fights, no matter the reason. I hate working with them.” This is what men and women alike have to say about their co-workers. 

Many women have been raised to think that behaving like a man is the right thing to do. As a result, the adults they become equate success with manly behavior. Female managers are often that way. Sometimes, they talk female employees down in a way that even men would not dare do. 

These days, a lot of women play the male card without adding any female ingredients in the mix. As a result, they meet with repulse. So, to be the equal of man, bring the inner female back! And it does not mean that you should use your sexiness to achieve the intended results. Show others that your strength lies in your acceptance of your own femininity.

“Behind Every Great Man There Is a Great Woman”

That is exactly why a lot of men want to keep women in the shadows. History would have been very different if only a few more women had been acknowledged…


The most successful and beautiful women are those who use a combination of brains and womanliness to rise above the odds and achieve great things. They are individuals who face their reflection in the mirror every morning to make sure that they have not lost sight of their dreams.

So women, gain your confidence back and claim your rightful place in this world. With the right key, you can open any door. So, leave the petty fights where they belong — in the trash can — and start building solid relationships based on trust and respect, without always expecting things according to what you want. It is the only way that you will ever win the equality fight.


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