Monday, December 18

Saint Antim – Saint Of Our Times

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The same as other saints of his time Saint Antim served with devotion to God to strengthen and spread the Faith. Saint Antim was an apostolic blast for the eighteenth century, although he considered himself in his writings small and unworthy in comparison with the Saint Apostles.

He was dedicated to a mission for a nation that was not his own. This could not stop him to work where God sent him.

His life and his writings full of grace talk through printing many books of worship and teaching, including many in Romanian. God sometimes permits only after the passage of time to come out some of his Saints heart treasures.

Saint Antim permanently combined service (monk, priestly, hierarchical) to spread the word luminary of souls, through books, but also deepen the religious art painting and sculpture. He was a person with multiple facets, which has multiplied ceaselessly talents and completed his work-life with the priceless crown of martyrdom. God’s servant Antim was foully murdered while he was his way to exile, in 1716, to Saint Catherine Monastery in Mount Sinai.

Such person, who receives many talents from God and uses and multiplies them through willful collaboration with the grace of the Holy Spirit, is a living miracle for the society.


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