How to Save on Electricity

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Step One
Replace your light bulbs with energy efficient CFL ones.

Step Two
Turn off lights when you leave a room.

Step Three
Do not keep the TV on as background noise when you are not watching it.
Do you really need it to be on when you are cooking or writing an email? I think not.

Step Four
Ensure you don’t have phantom electricity loss. Even when unused, plugged in electrical appliances use a small amount of electricity. Either unplug appliances you are not using, or plug them into a power strip and turn off the power strip when you are done.

Step Five
Wrap up – wear a sweater, a hooded sweat shirt, sweatpants, socks, a plush slipper, and a hat; only after this should you turn on the heat if needed.

Step Six
Fill up a hot water bag with boiling water and keep it on your lap. It will keep you warm.

Step Seven
Since your room heater heats up the entire room, it uses a lot of energy. Use a directed space heater such as the Presto Heatdish instead.

Step Eight
To raise your internal body temperature, drink something warm, like tea or eat warm food like soup. You won’t need the heater as much if you are warm from the inside.

Step Nine
Hair dryers use a lot of electricity. Dry your hair half way, and then let it air dry. Better yet, don’t wash your hair every day. Some experts say washing hair every day strips away the oil your scalp produces and harms the hair.

Step Ten
Air dry laundry. Hang the wet clothes in hangers in your closet, but keep the closet door open. Don’t do this if you have a mold problem.

Step Eleven
Use the light soil wash cycle on your washing machine.


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