Sunday, December 17

Staging A Book Email Campaign

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When you want to sell books, one of the best FREE things you can do is to add your book information to your email signatures.  You may well be wondering why you would even want to do this, and the answer is simple.  Everybody sends and reads email.  In today’s world, email impacts our lives dozens of times each day, and as an author with a book to sell, you need to make that email time and contact work for you.  Adding your book information to your email signature is the easy way to do that.  Making your email signature do cool tricks is an even better way to make your email work for you – and it amounts to free and widespread advertising. 

Change your signature

This is relatively simple point-and-click technology and is already built into your email server.  When you set up your email account, you are usually offered several options as to how you want your pages to look.  Go back to those options and locate the “Signature”.

Once you are on the signature page, the information included in your email signature is up to you.  You may choose to keep things simple and add a quote and your name.  If you want to get fancy, you may choose to add an html link that will display your book cover, or a link back to your website, blog, Facebook page, Twitter account, book sales page, or to something else.

Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube, and other graphic intense sites will generate the specific codes you will need to embed your video links into your email signature box.  AND, those same codes can be used to embed the links into your blog or web page.

Making the signature do tricks

Fancy is a little more difficult and will require you to learn a little html (hyper text markup language).  Your task will also be made easier with an html generator (do an online search for a “free html generator”), especially if you want to include a graphic link to your signature.  You can also get instructions on how to write html from the internet (do a search for “free, simple, html”).  These instructions will enable you to do everything from change text to italic or bold, to making things jump and move on your page.

Once you have the html codes, simply paste them into the signature box.  You can even do this with the html code for your video or book trailer, or cause the email link to jump to other places (like your website or the sale page for your book) – clever, cool, free, and guaranteed to generate interest in your book. 


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