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Yes And Nos During Pregnancy

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1. Alcohol is a strict no-no. The results of alcohol consumption during pregnancy can be disastrous, leading to birth deformations and even miscarriages.

2. Stay away from coffee, carbonated drinks, junk food, and street food.

3. Do not take any medications which are not prescribed by the gynecologist. Do not even think of applying those ointments for acne because they are easily absorbed into the system.

4. Do not bleach, the harmful chemicals may penetrate the skin.

5. Do not consume high doses of vitamin A, which can cause some defects in the baby.
6. Do not consume excessive amounts of salty food because it can raise your blood pressure, which is not good for the baby.
7. Do not drive vehicles.
8. Do not climb stairs, it puts a lot of pressure on the lower abdomen.
9. Stay away from uncooked meat, bakery foods such as pastries, and unpasteurized milk, which can cause a condition called listeria, which may lead to abortion.
10. Stay away from cat litter coz cat litter may contain a particular kind of bacteria, which can cause miscarriage.


1. Drink plenty and plenty of fluids like water and fresh fruit juices because the excessive peeing can drain you of water. Fluids do not include carbonated drinks and colas because they only provide empty calories and do nothing to keep the body hydrated.
2. Take folic acid in the first trimester of pregnancy. Folic acid is an absolute necessity in the first trimester because it protects the baby from developing neural tube deformities, spina bifida, and cleft lip.
3. Consume almonds after you have soaked them overnight in water or milk. It seems the outer skin of almonds is hard to digest and therefore heat-producing. Nuts are easier to digest and their nutrients are more readily available if they are first soaked overnight. Also, do not consume apple seeds, contain cyanogens, precursors to cyanide.

4. Get plenty of rest because your body is really working hard to keep the baby alive and kicking, don’t give it extra stress by doing strenuous work. Also, once the baby has arrived, sleep becomes a luxury, darlings.

5. Listen to music which calms you down. Studies have shown that the babies respond to pleasant music, it calms you and your baby down. Classical music pieces by Vivaldi is highly recommended.

6. Talk you your baby, read out a book to him/her, and sing lullabies while it is still in your womb. Your voice does reach your baby and remember that your voice comforts your baby. It can also hear other sounds although when those sounds reaches the baby, it’s in a mumbled form, something like someone talking underwater, but the babies do respond to them.

7. Touch your tummy often. The soothing heat from your hand does give comfort to your baby and he/she will often swim towards where you have kept your hand.

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