Feeding your thirsty plants while away!

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Are you planning a trip away from home for a while but worried about your plants needing water? Need a simple way to water without having to ask someone to come in and take care of the task for you? Well here is a way to solve the problem in little time and little hassle, with a couple of common household items you can remedy the concern and be on your way!

A Few basic things you will need will be a bucket as well as a common household string, medium thickness works the best. The use of string aids in watering by acting as a straw releasing water into the plants soil in adequate, gradual amounts. There is no need to worry about plants being overly saturated, but consider a backup plan if you intend to be gone longer then a month, the water in the bucket should only sustain that long.

Begin by filling a bucket of cool room temperature water and then put the bucket into the bathtub. The nest step requires you to move all plants into positions that surround the bucket in the tub. Now cut as many strings as needed that are long enough to reach to the bottom of the bucket and onto plant. Lay the string ends near your plants roots. Make sure that bucket is full and all strings are in place before leaving.


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