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Top 5 Paying Online Publishing Sites: 2

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These are some of the most popular online publishing sites that actually pay you. If you post on these websites, your articles will more likely be picked up by search engines than if you use less known publishers. To know the five best online publishers, click on this here. Here are five recommended online publishing sites.

  1. Xomba-On Xomba, you can post articles and bookmarks(a brief paragraph with a link to anything on the web). You have to link your account to Google Adsense on your own to earn money through performance payment(based on amounts of page views per month). You can’t post articles that you have previously posted on another site. You keep all the author rights to your articles so you can repost them on your blog. Xomba has a referral program where you get 10% of your referred friends ad revenue.
  2. Squidoo- On Squidoo, you make pages called “lens”. You can write about anything you want and you keep 50% of the ad revenue. You are allowed to do affiliate marketing, where you help sell a product from one of the “modules” and earn more money! You will get payed by Paypal.
  3. Helium-When you write for Helium, you will be sharing rights to your article, you are allowed to repost the article on other websites. You can also post previously published articles for extra money! If you become a qualified writer, you will be able to receive upfront payments.
  4. Hubpages-When you create a Hub(webpage/article), you are called a Hubber. You fill up the Hub with capsules(photo, text, comments, products). Your articles completely belong to you, so you have control over what you want to do with it after publishing it on Hubpages. You earn ad revenue and earn money from affiliates such as amazon, ebay, and google.
  5. Demand Studios- Demand Studios is different from other freelancing sites, you have to apply before being able to write. They have many “assignments” that you are able to write. Your work will be distributed to popular websites. You will be payed a share of the ad revenue or a flat fee. You will receive your earned money two times a week!

Now you know five great online freelance publisher, but do you want to know which are the best ones? Click here to see the top 5 online publishing sites.


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