Thursday, December 14

How to Make Money With Freebie Sites

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What they do is provide you with a list of offers to complete in order to qualify for a free prize of your own choice. These prizes can be anything from iphones to cash prizes or paypal deposits. However, if you want to claim your prize, you will have to refer a number of people to the site. The good news is that there are actually a lot of people that would pay you to become their referral and this is a great way to benefit as a newbie. Here’s how it works.

  1. Become a member of a freebie network or forum site like, and build your profile. Go to the trade section and browse among the available traders and their trades.

  2. Once you pick a trade you like, use the interface to state that you want to initiate the trade. As soon as your request is accepted, the trader will provide you with a link to the freebie site for you to sign up.

  3. In order to complete the trade you will have to collect some credits (0.5 or 1, etc). Every offer provides you with a number of credits (0.10 or 0.5, etc), so what you have to do is choose the offers you like, complete them and get the requested number of credits.

  4. The offers vary a lot. They can be free trials such as credit reports or they can be actual offers where you actually buy something. Once you reach your credit, go back to your trade page and state that you went “green”.

  5. The trader will then deposit in your paypal account your reward.

You will be asked to modify your browser’s settings (delete cookies, disable pop-up blocker) in order to get credit for your completed offer. Just follow the instructions provided by your trader or the freebie site.

Also, keep in mind that you can’t sign up for the same offer twice. This is considered to be a fraud and your account will be cancelled.

Finally, the sites providing the offers require that you have a credit card to use. Debits cards and paypal accounts will probably result in not receiving the credit after all.

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