A Guide to Ordering Free Shipping Supplies Online

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There are some of us who have our own home businesses that sell items through Ebay, Etsy, or via our own personal website. Sometimes we browse stores, or our own personal items to find storage to ship our items in. What some may not be aware of is that you can actually order shipping supplies from the postal website online. Now a few may be saying-of course I knew that! But I do know that there are a few select people who could use these tips. I myself wasn’t aware of this until I went into business a few years ago.

Before you begin ordering your boxes and envelopes, you need to inspect the kinds of products you sell and exactly what kind of packaging you will need to keep your items safe. Clothes are best sent in medium to large boxes, while small items such as trinkets, accessories, or jewelry are best sent in small boxes. Some jewelry could be shipped in an envelope, but it does have a greater chance of getting smashed or broken unless it has plenty of bubble wrap or protection around it.

Make a list of all of the different kinds of packaging you will need to make the checkout process go quicker. Then go online and go to the United States Postal website (www.usps.com). You will need to create an account before you can order directly from them. Creating an account is free and simple. Make your order first, and then click on, “create an account,” before you checkout.

Most shipping supplies come in different sets of packages. You may order them in sets of ten or twenty-five. Most of all the priority shipping boxes and envelopes are free. The prepaid envelopes or boxes, you must pay for in advance though. The sets are still free no matter how many you order. Choose your set and click, “add to cart,” once you have chosen your order.

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