Amy Winehouse goes to appeal fine in the Norway ‘

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One carries voice of the Norwegian policy affirmed that the singer Amy Winehouse will have to appear to a judgment in the Norway to enter with resource against a fine for marijuana ownership.

Winehouse, of 24 years, passed the night in the police station in the Norwegian city of Bergen, in October, suspicion of ownership of drugs, but she was set free after paying a fine of 500 euros. “I can confirm that it must appear to the cut. If it has the resource against the accusation, the rule determines the attendance, personally “, said Liv Karlsen, spokesman of the policy. The singer goes to initiate its resource in day 29 of February.

The father of the singer, Mitch, said that a conviction would harm the possibilities of the singer to obtain a visa for the United States, what it could harm its career. In October, Winehouse, the husband of the Blake singer Fielder-Civil, and one third person had been imprisoned in a hotel after being photographed for the policy with seven gram of marijuana.

Speaking to the British television channel ITV in the month of the detention, the father of the singer alleged that the drug did not belong to its son. It also affirmed that Amy was deceived and signed a confession thinking that it was only one form for its release. However, the policy of the Norway affirms that the singer wise person what it was signing and that translating fluentes in English had helped Amy.


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