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Genuine Ways to Make Money Online

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Method 1.  Blogging

This method is really very helpful for you if you have some writing skill and you are willing to make money online from your hobbies.I tried to explain it in more simplys in few steps-

Choose a topic for you blog that best matches with your hobby(Like -gaming,programming,softwares,new technology)

Buy a domain for blog($9) and  choose a good hosting services($2-$8/month)[few hours+15 minutes]

Install wordpress 3(Latest version) on your blog [5 Minutes]

Start publishing your article[……]

Publish Post regularly with good frequency ..within few days yog will be indexed by Google and after one months you will start getting some traffic.After 6-12month of hard working you will start earning(Use Google Adsesnse or Affiliate Market Products i.e Amazon or Ebay or Commision Junction products) a nice amount of money!!

Method 2.  Working as Freelancer

If you have some special skills in any field(Like webDesigning,programming,etc) then you will probably get some online project(work) on freelancer.com.The steps wise instruction for being a freelancer –

Go to freelancer.com and make an account(It’s free) by clicking on Looking for Job/work.

Then browse the online projects available related to your interest and bid on them.

When someone will like to complete the work from you then you would work for them and you will be paid by paypal or check.

That’s all…Repeat the process again and again,when you will complete projects successfully then your earning will increase with your work and experience.

Method 3.  Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing means to sell someone’s  product(Digital products like Softwares,Movies,E-book etc or common products that is sent through shipping).Affiliate Marketing requires little investment if you don’t have any blog or website.Google Adwords is one of the best advertising program in which you can advertise other products using CPC(Cost Per Click) or CPM(Cost Per Mili Impression) ,your ads will be displayed in Google Search Result or on other Websites through Google Adsense and you will get 20-70% commision depending on the product and advertising scheme.Steps for starting an Affiliate Marketing Business

First open an account on Google Adwords,it may take few hours to days.You can invest little like $100 on first time.

Then Open an account on Affiliate Marketing Websites like clickbank.com or Amazon.com or ebay.com or cj.com.

When your account will be activated,then choose a product from the affiliate marketing Website, you want to promote.Then create an Ad Compaign in Google Adwords account your ad will start displaying within hours.Then analyse the commision and CTR(Click Through Rate) for better performance.

Do some research on keywords related to your product by using Google Keyword Tool.There are lot of free tutorial(In Video and Document format) are available For Google Adwords Advertisers,use them to learn more and become a sucessfull advertiser.You can also search for more keyword tools on Google..to maximize your click through rate for better conversion.


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