Tuesday, December 12

Get Into The Article Writing Mood

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To be a good article writer you have to be creative.You must have what can get and keep the attention of a reader and make him want to read you continously.

This ability comes to some people naturally while others acquire it through diligence and determination.It is not an easy thing to put an image on paper.Therefore if you want to be agood article writer note the following.

Have a piece of paper or diary where you keep or write your thoughts,ideas ,fears,motivation,etc.These ideas can come from what you know and exsperienced,what you have heard and even through the media and through research.All these will help you to coalate your content when you eventuallly get into the business of writing.

It is highly advisable to have a good knowledge of the language you want to write in.The logic of that language interms of thinking,idinomatic expressions and all that. The good thing about all these is that you can also use peoples ideas or research to write.

 It would help if you understood what motivates you,what governs your emotions and what are your prejudices.These can help to shape your opinions and how you express yourself

Work in a condusive environment.In a place where there are no distractions.If the place is very quiet the better as it would help you collect your thoughts and be able to put down what is in you.

Have fun so that you will not be tensed up.Been tensed up can hinder the release of thoughts and ideas that can aid you expressions 


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