The History and Tips of Internet Chatting

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The definition of Internet chatting is when two or more online individuals come together to talk inside a chatroom, virtual software, or instant messenger. Chatting is a popular way in which people stay connected-whether it be for business or for family who live many miles apart. While chatting can be fun and entertaining, you must take protective measures against yourself as well to avoid internet stalkers and predators.

Chatting first began in the year of 1988. Jarkko “WiZ” Oikarinen of University of Oulu, Finland, was the first person to create the first “IRC” (internet relay chat) client. After creating the chat client, Jarkko gathered other universities such as Helsinki, Tampere, University of Denver and Oregon State University together to download the client as well.In a matter of time, all of these universities were communicating via chat. By the middle of 1989, over 40 chat servers existed.

There are a few types of internet chat. Some are web-based chatting which offers websites, chatrooms, or virtual like words for users to chat amongst each other. These type of chats usually require an account with a username and password to enter the website. Other people, especially family members, may prefer more private chat software such as instant messenger, where they can just communicate amongst themselves and nobody else. In order to use instant messengers, internet users must download special software to their computer. The other chatter must have the exact kind of software so that they can communicate using the same messenger. Chatting can also be done via a webcam, where other users can see you, or you can see them.

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