Tuesday, December 12

The Number Crunchers

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What is the matter with people? They walk around like mindless zombies, when the number crunchers are in town. One would think we were back in the days of slavery. Whatever the master says goes and all for a little bowl of porridge or some dinner scraps barely enough to feed ones family. As long as their numbers work to their benefit who cares about the peons performing the work.

Number 123 your job has been outsourced, someone in Department XYZ did not bring in the right number of hours last month. We must maintain our numbers. Translation we three (The 666) have to maintain our six figure salary at all cost. They lock the workers away in a filthy room to work, the trash is overflowing, personal and confidential information lies in the trash can with no place to go.

The file room is left unlocked and the files are overflowing, they have flown over into an unlocked room and file cabinet. The bolts in the doors and working there way out, while someone hammers the bolts back in to try and maintain safety and security. But the number crunchers can’t be concerned with this. Crunch, Crunch, Crunch goes there adding machine. How else can we cut cost and give ourselves a raise. Ah, leave the cracks in the windshields of vans that the children ride. What does it matter as long as it passes inspection-Crunch, crunch, crunch goes The 666. More money, more money we need more money. Oh the pain they cause. Ah, we’ll go after the disabled, they know no better.

We’ll devise a program to offer them support. We’ll provide no accommodations- no accessibility to the office, no technology to support their needs but we’ll send out people to offer support and bill, bill, bill. Money, money, money how much money shall we make? Crunch, crunch, crunch, and crunch- How exciting it is trips to the Bahamas, The Rivera, and Europe anywhere we want to go- crunch, crunch, and crunch. Maybe we should not go will there be enough left over when we return? What else can be done? Department Do Nothing you have too many employees- too many part-time people.

Numbers 245- 295 must depart. We have lost some of our consumers and instead of management taking a pay cut and losing any of portions of a six figure salary or forgoing a raise your department must let go of fifty people. They will have to find others ways to care for their families- crunch, crunch, and crunch. More money, more money where does it end? When is it enough? Never when the number crunchers come to town.

How much money have we saved? How much more can we get? The number crunchers they are constantly slithering around to find out who they can devour for their gain. The number crunchers don’t like anyone who challenges them or knows as much or more than they. They feel their authority has been threatened and search for a way to regain it. Picking on those who they see as weaker and non assertive gives them a sense of power. It’s like an aphrodisiac. They need more and more in order to feel good

about themselves. While others are in fear and want they receive a charge out of watching them squirm. The 666, the beast, the number crunchers- where is there integrity? They sold it to obtain more and more power and money. They have no boundaries when it comes to relationships or their spouses. Oh the pain they cause. Number crunchers are truly sad and to be pitied for truly they are lonely, insecure and selfish people.  They may understand numbers but they know nothing about people. They have no idea of what love really is.


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