Tuesday, December 12

Man Meets Fifteen Year Old Girl On Myspace And Has Sex With Her. He is Arrested

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A twenty year old man met a fifteen year old girl from MySpace and has sex with her. The man is arrested in Clearwater, FL. Amazingly; the two began dating on April 21st of this year. On April 24, Brandon O. Henderson had sex with the fifteen year old girl. After they had sex, the man learns the age of the girl. The question is why didn’t Brandon ask the girl her age before he had sex with her. Did he or did he not care? He had sex seven times with the fifteen year old girl. If he cared, he waited another six times to care.

Brandon O. Henderson is charged with molesting a fifteen year old girl who he met on MySpace. Some people may blame the girl for getting herself in the situation with twenty year old Brandon. Brandon is at fault because he is considered an adult who was having sex with a child. Brandon Henderson will likely be a registered sex offender for the rest of his life.

What do we learn from this mess? Teenagers go to MySpace to hook up with each other. Many eighteen to twenty-five year old males (are immature) and do not care the age of the girl they are hooking up with. MySpace is not a good place for your teenager to spend time on. If a twenty year old man can meet a fifteen year old girl on MySpace, perverts have a place to meet young girls. It is dangerous to talk to people you do not know on MySpace or any other friend community. Do you know who your children are talking to on MySpace?

What you can do as a parent. Ask your children who they are talking to online. Make sure you know who the people are. MySpace is only one of many sites your teenagers can meet people. Perverts know where your teenagers are. Do you know (at least) as much as they know about the online usage of your children? If you don’t, you could have a problem. This world we live in is dangerous. Perverts use MySpace (and other online sites) to look for victims. Do you want your teenager to be a statistic? If not, you may want to take some precautions. Brandon Henderson met somebody’s fifteen year old daughter on MySpace. He had sex with her and was arrested by the police in Clearwater, FL. Take precautions before it is too late. The perverts are out there in cyberspace watching your children.


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