Monday, December 18

Stephanie Ragusa Gets Ten Years

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Former teacher, Stephanie Ragusa gets ten years in prison for having sex with two teenage boys.  Finally, a teacher who preys on children got what she deserved. Stephanie’s crimes were horrible and malicious. She had sex (five times) with a fourteen year old boy. She had sex (twenty times) with a sixteen year old boy. The fourteen year old boy was suffering with depression. Stephanie decided she would help him deal with his depression by having sex with him. The sixteen year old boy was still having sex with Stephanie after she was arrested. Stephanie Ragusa is thirty one years old.

Stephanie Ragusa came to court with a huge smile on her face. She said she was sorry, but showed contempt through her smile. The judge was tired of Stephanie and the way she acted. She acted like she helped these two young boys. However, she harmed two young boys by having sex with them. The judge was tires of Stephanie Ragusa and her attitude. Not only did she harm two young boys, Stephanie acted like she was above the law. Judge Chet Tharpe put his foot down. He gave Stephanie Ragusa the max penalty for her crimes. Stephanie Ragusa was a great manipulator when it came to young boys. The judge saw right through her and threw her in prison. When Stephanie Ragusa gets out of prison, she will be on probation and will be a registered sex offender. Stephanie Ragusa deserves all the punishment the judge handed out to her. Not only did she harm two young boys, she thought it was funny.

The two young boys blame themselves for what happened to them. They will have to deal with Stephanie Ragusa’s sexual abuse for the rest of their lives. Things like this happen too much in our schools. Teachers are supposed to teach our children. They are not supposed to prey on them and use them for their own sexual. Teachers are supposed to protect our children from people like Stephanie Ragusa. I applaud Judge Chet Tharpe. More judges need to slam down the hammer on people who decide they need to harm our children. A slap on the wrist does not stop a child molester from touching children. A long sentence (like this) will give Stephanie Ragusa time to think about her crimes against society and the young boys she decided to help. Stephanie Ragusa, enjoy your long vacation in prison.


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