Guitar Hero

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I got Guitar Hero 3 for Christmas this year. I popped it in my PS2 and started right away. I have never played a Guitar Hero before, so this review is not meant to criticize the game against others of the trilogy, it is just my honest opinion.

I first tried the career mode. The actual game play on Hard was actually entertaining, especially since I have never really “used” a guitar before. I finished the first song, and got ready for a cut scene. I was really disappointed when the cut scene was just music and a series of pictures. Not much of a cut scene in my opinion.

Within a few days, and about 5 hours of game play I has already switched to Expert and was beating the game. My overall reviews is that it is too easy to beat and does not offer any real challenge, with a career mode that really is just going through all the songs in the game.

On the flip side however, it seems to be a fun game to play, and especially with friends in family in arcade and co-career modes. So for single player, I give a C, for multiplayer I get a B+.


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