Thursday, December 14

Benny Hinn Divorce With Suzzane Hinn

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It is now official that the so called holy man (Benny Hinn) has separated with his wife. I have always told people that Benny Hinn is a false prophet who has never performed any miracle and many have doubted me. However, with what we see about this man, God is certainly not on his site.

If Benny Hinn is really someone who can do everything in the name of Jesus Christ, then i guess it would be easy for him to prevent the divorce. Could did be that the man of God has had some extra marital affair? If no, then why did Suzanne Hinn decide to divorce him?

Though Suzanne Hinn, who is now no longer a Hinn did not tell us why she has divorced this man who has for long lied in the name of the lord, the reasons could range from adultery, mistreatment, finance, failure by Benny Hinn to mange his home and so on.

We all know that Benny Hinn has in the past acted as a false prophet, the kind Jesus Christ warned us about, this can be evidenced by the many false prophecies he has told in the past which included the death of Fidel Castrol in 1990’s which never happened, the destruction of all gay before 2000 and America getting a female president also before 2000.

Such men are very dangerous to truth seekers because they continue to lead people toward the path of death. I am totally convinced that no prophet can live such extravagant life like that of Benny Hinn, as many people are dying of poverty; the man is stuck with his riches, jet, and exclusive homes.

The separation of Hinn and Suzanne is something which shows us that Hinn has an ugly side which Suzanne has seen. I wonder how Benny Hinn could come up to say that he was surprised by the news about the divorce as he knew nothing. Benny Hinn should stop lying to the world again, what happened is some which he knew was coming, nobody can believe it that Suzanne just woke up one day and wished for a divorce. Stop fooling people Benny Hinn and please also stop lying to us that you perfume miracles.


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