Sunday, December 17

5 Easy Steps to Brighten Up Your Day

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  1. Sing in the shower

It is common knowledge that singing brings joy and makes stress disappear. It was even shown that singing in the shower could reduce your pain and increase the chances of a longer life. Forget about the neighbors! You may even find that you have a secret talent while making your day better!

     2.  Take a walk barefoot

Walking bare feet on the grass in the morning helps cooling your body in the summer season and also leads to a direct connection with the nature. The sand makes your skin smoother and you’ll also get rid of flat feet. So you’re not only brightening up your day, you’re also curing your body.

     3.  Call a friend

Stop from what you’re doing and talk with a friend. The hectic schedule made you forget that he or she even exists so you have a lot to say to each other. Little stories, funny jokes, nice memories that you have together, daily problems. Everything seems better when you share it with a friend.

     4.  Make a good deed

Helping an old lady cross the crowded junction, giving a homeless person something to eat, buying a candy for a little child, giving your unused clothes to a shelter- this is all about you being a good and caring citizen. This will not only brighten up your day, it will make someone else’s day look better.

     5.  Smile more often

Let’s face it! Starting the day with a large smile on your face can change your mood and your appearance. The infernal traffic, the angry boss, the unwashed dishes, your child’s homework, the broken washing machine, the canceled meeting and your pet’s dirt on the carpet will not seem so much of a problem. All you have to do is to look at the bright side of things!


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